Landscapes - Zvonimir Fras

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Far Away

Where would you like to be in x time measurement units?

This question can be an inspirational dead-lock if you don't have your plans and wishes figured out yet.
It can also be an eye-opener between what you think you should do and what you really want. (let it sink in)

Have you noticed how people start doing some of the most amazing things when they find out they have limited time left on this Earth?
A number of movies were made to this theme and there are a number of real-life examples you can stumble upon on the Internet.

How are you different than them?

Do you know you're gonna live forever or you're just guessing? :)

Don't do anything right away, take a couple of minutes, bring this image to full-screen and stare at it blissfully until you're sure the message stuck.

Now go!