Landscapes - Zvonimir Fras

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Golden Remainders

It's not the house, the car, that huge HD screen home theatre TV, the preciously kept bee hive, the oversized sofa, the overpriced carpet, the nicely kept dresses, the bling bling you wear around your neck, the designer's watch or the overachiever mobile phone you got, what you leave behind.

It's people's memories of you!
It's the only remainder of you once you depart this beautiful place and challenge whoever you believe in to show you what's better than this.

Still, you get angry with people, you say things you know in yourself won't get you anywhere.
You act like you're always right... You don't try to understand the other party...

It's a mental challenge to control yourself and think before you act!
It's the one you should gladly accept and blow it through the roof.
Think of the other people before you interact with them. Everybody likes to hear a nice word or two every now and then, why wouldn't that come from you?
Honey will attract more bees than crap!

Even if people throw crap at you, don't throw it back at them, it will only make your hands dirty too!

Be the person you would like to hang out with.

/end of mental note