Landscapes - Zvonimir Fras

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Past The Point Of No Return

This can be one of the most terrifying and freeing experiences.

Yes you read that right. There is more than one way of being past the point of no return.
Imagine being pushed from the edge into the abyss. There is one point when you know you can't go back and the gravity has taken better of you. And so you jump.
It's a leap of faith... or desperation, as some others would say.


That same terrifying feeling can be combined with liberation!
We are always afraid of the new things, we are afraid of what others will say, we are afraid that we're not good enough...
But sometimes... somehow... comes the time when everything falls into place...

and you decide to take a leap...

a leap of faith...

for something you believe in! And it's terrifying!
But the gravity somehow lost it's grip. People have given up on holding you back.

And you fly!