Landscapes - Zvonimir Fras

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Ancient Remains

This stump is told to be several thousand years old. I even heard it's partly fossilized in places making it more than ten thousand years old.

I could have, probably, checked for those marks myself but I don't know a second thing about whether or not what I'd found was actually legit or not :)
Anyhow, that's not the main reason why I didn't... It was winter, the water was cold and I didn't like the idea of getting my feet wet and then walking back home catching a cold in the mean time.

What I did instead was taking this shot, documenting the remain and continued to take some more shots, after all, if it survived for couple dozen centuries, it will for few more months, right?

I might go back there when the weather gets warmer to see how it holds and try to see for myself if the story checks out. In the mean time, what do you think?