Architecture - Zvonimir Fras

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Sky Office Tower

Reaching 22 stories high, these twin-tower sky offices are built to represent a landmark of the western entrance into Zagreb, capital city of Croatia.

Sky Office Towers are built with green in mind. In addition to recycling, sustainability promotion and education, supervising energy consumption and reduced waste amounts, it adds an overall feel of green by hosting Sky Garden.

Sky Garden is a two-story-high space on the 7th floor between the elliptic towers.
In addition to a panoramic view of the city it has trees planted and wooden benches. It provides a quick getaway from work and allows people to rest a bit all while being wirelessly connected to a high-speed internet connection. I'd recommend not using it if you want to truly get away and rest :)
Meteorological station on the roof of the tower is connected to the central supervising system and makes the adjustment of all the systems to the outdoor state, possible.

Is this the kind of place you would like to be working at, or you're more of a something different?